8:14 pm. Mary 12:06 pm. 12:52 am. Move your left hand so that your left index finger gets under the strand stretched between the needle and your left hand. Hi Emily! 5:55 am, my chart reads K2tog, yo, yo,k2tog How are the two yo done? Once you understand the meaning of each of the symbols, you can proceed to knitting the chart. Even trying to write out the pattern it doesnt tell me where the front, raglan, sleeve, raglan, back, raglan, sleeve, raglan, front breaks are. I would say probably, that is what it would usually indicate. Russian symbols with illustrations for . Im just starting the fair isle pattern on the campfire sweater and doing childrens size 5-7. And then every chart is different!!!! February 28, 2017 @ March 15, 2020 @ Charts will either show all rows (or rounds) or only illustrate one side of the work, usually the right side. 1:09 pm. Any suggestions for a good tutorial on knitting mittens using a chart. The chart shows rows 1-18 and I am currently on chart row 2 and now must work even ? This is very helpful. 12:53 pm. Unfortunately it will depend on the chart, is that info missing from the key? I would appreciate your help. 9:41 pm. Thanks. The charts are followed as the instructions above indicate. then the instructions say to continue, in the pattern, increasing 1 stitch 2 stitches from the edge. May 11, 2020 @ one row shows 3 knits and 4 purls (in the round), the next row shows the slip stitch decrease of 2 and 4 purls. I JUST CANT FIGURE OUT HOW MANY TO CAST ON They are usually quite helpful and know their patterns inside and out. k2tog. At row 19, bind off 6 stitches and with the stitches left, you start a new pattern row using that. I saved several of the dinosaur patterns and wondered whether they would come out exactly as pictured since (I am given to understand), knitting stitches do not quite match square charted patterns. As I find more of these charts I will keep adding them to this post! 9:31 am. Do you have any suggestions for translating the Russian symbols? For size 4 the pattern starts at the edge of the chart, size 6 at the green line and 8 and 10 at the red line. I would appreciate your help to explain this chart immensely. Kathryn, alexaludeman 1:08 pm. Yikes! 12:51 am. Thank you, alexaludeman 1:30 am. I know the big red line on it is where you do the thumb. 2:43 pm. Do I flip the chart or do I, as Mindy has asked, follow the chart for L to R. Emily Wessel Hi Samantha kind of depends what the p2sso is? It is hard to explain, but here goes. If youre working from a digital file, that you have printed at home, try printing but increasing the magnification (most print dialogs allow this in one way or another). w&t. (wrap and turn) slip next st from LH to RH needle, take yarn between needles to other side of work, slip st back to LH needle, take yarn between needles to its starting point, then turn. 9:22 pm. Although I was hunting for knitting, most of what I found were charts for crochet. alexaludeman That doesnt sound right because your repeat would create a lot of increases. I have the chart and am unsure how to actually DO it, do I cast on ALL the stitches ((60)) and continue with that? Hi, Im doing my first chart based afghan (Textured Knots by Nora Gaughan) and the chart has every line numbered (odds on the right, evens on the left) which I understand to mean that I work from right to left starting on line 1 (RS), then on line 2, I would work left to right (which should be the WS?). 3:28 pm. If that info isnt in the chart notes you may want to contact the designer to see what they intended. Tweet. emily July 16, 2015 @ Agnes, alexaludeman But where do those stitches come from? July 25, 2018 @ How do I do this. Is there an unwritten rule about this somewhere? If youve placed markers at each pattern repeat you made need to remove and re-place them when you start the chart over again. 3:43 pm, joy 9:40 am. November 11, 2015 @ Fair-isle stranded colourwork is usually worked in the round, so that the RS of the work is always facing, you are working the knit stitch most of the time, and you can easily see the pattern forming as you work it. I am left handed. Thank you so much for this lovely tutorial! What is the solution? 9:29 am, Hi I hate to say it but I THINK you may have made a mistake. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. Each chart is slightly different. Hi there, I am working on a dress which has some lace pattern inserted. 12:28 pm. An increase can either be so subtle as to be almost invisible, or it can be very obvious. alexaludeman Priscilla Dow likewise I couldn't find the translation of the russian knitting symbols.I hope the russian sites make on thier site a translation.. like what the portugese site have. 8:28 pm. 12:21 pm. I look on this russian site you've attached here,,my golly my eyes are so amaze.. many patterns . The chart seems to have one extra row on the right side. alexaludeman Thank you! 9:06 pm. 2:49 pm. If youre working from a print book or pattern, you could take it to a printshop (like office depot, staples, kinkos) and ask them to blow it up for you on a photocopier. Russian symbols with illustrations for . Rebecca Boyce Im new and first time trying this too. October 13, 2018 @ On the sleeve the instructions for round two of the sleeve says purl to first stitch before marker, k1, work panel as set, k1. 12:19 pm. What do I do with the no stitch ? June 17, 2020 @ Jo Ann This way, the chart is a much better visual representation of the actual fabric if you show the chart as if you were looking at the RS of a piece of work. Help! 12:18 pm, Hi Cynthia Hmm, you should definitely have enough sts to work the repeats. row 2: V V V, 25 empty squares My assumptions here are going to range from reasonable to laughable. Faye Each chart should come with a key, explaining each symbol, Melonie Ill have to get that image adjusted :), Sue Do I just add extra filler sts at the beginning so that the center st of the chart matches the center st of the work? The Orenburg shawl is a Russian knitted lace textile using goat down and stands as one of the classic symbols of Russian handicraft, along with Tula samovars, the Matrioshka doll . Hi Jane no stitch means just that, ignore that square. I want to enlarge a chart that is in a PDF document. uses traditional Orenburg lace base patterns. Confusingly I have also used said V to denote kfb when charting patterns. If the pattern is to be worked flat, then you will read the right-side rows from right to left, and the wrong-side rows from left to right (in the opposite direction); in order for the pattern to form as designed. Includes more complex stitch patterns, using a combination of stitches. C8B. In order of appearance top to bottom: (+)Edge stitch (not further specified) Knit Purl The circle is a yarn over Ssk K2tog I'm pretty sure this is a k3tog Big bullet points are garter stitch M1 (it specifies for a purl stitch, I don't remember which direction . Hi Laura Im afraid Im not much help without knowing the pattern. The chart has dark gray square (not to be confused with the light gray no stitch square. ) alexaludeman December 28, 2016 @ alexaludeman November 11, 2018 @ Lols, desre franco I dont understand why the designer didnt just include the 8 stitches within the pattern repeat, because the picture of the FO definitely shows it is part of the repeatsam I making any sense? Kimberlee Meyer Hmm, without looking at the pattern Im not 100% sure. alexaludeman April 11, 2019 @ I am knitting a cardigan and am a on a row in the chart that calls for pearling two together. Thank you! October 11, 2019 @ I am a little confused for the gusset as round 1 and round 2 give an instruction and says to work chart; then I have to work round 1 and 2 while working the chart, 4 times..so am I repeating to work row 1 and 2 of the chart or continue working the other rows (3-6) until I have worked a total of 8 rows? Help!!! Is there a key which explains the different chart symbols? Every designers pattern writing and charting conventions are different, so I cant say for sure. Also I am knitting in the round trying to follow the graph. Alexa Ludeman I am also confused by the stitch count. It has a written pattern up to the 8th row but from 9 on is a chart which makes no sense to me. I have no idea how the original is pronounced, but in what looks to be a one for one letter swap, Latin alphabet for Cyrillic, uzor (plural uzori) appears to mean stitch or pattern. The extra 30 stitches could be edge stitches? January 28, 2022 @ Emily Wessel July 14, 2016 @ 5:39 pm, OMG Ive been knitting for years and couldnt figure out how to read a chart! This chart identifies different starting points depending on the size youre knitting. alexaludeman . 4:51 pm. 12:41 am. Knit one Hi Nadine Do you work your knitting left to right as well? February 15, 2015 @ Sorry, Im not much help without actually seeing the pattern, is it knit back and forth or in the round? Hi Bertha you can convert a cross stitch chart to a knit pattern, each cross would be a knit stitch. 4:53 am. work rows 3-18 to form pattern), and you would continue working the chart as set. Im confused . June 13, 2016 @ knit on WS. There are a wide variety of knit symbols used in patterns, including special symbols made for specific projects. October 30, 2019 @ 9:21 am. DeaG 8:57 pm. For the most part each symbol represents a stitch as it looks on the right . 4:04 am. JUST TRYING TO PUT IT ON A DISHCLOTH July 12, 2020 @ One chart for the left, one for the center, one for the right of the back. Jo Ann 3:33 pm. I dont get it. Tracey Fenton Row before has 16 stitches. Your instructions clarified issues Ive been dealing with. For the Antler Hat you are working a number of purl sts (either 3 or 5 depending on your size) between the cables. Any help would be appreciated. September 22, 2019 @ Those boxes are usually just added to clarify the pattern. However, I cant find an answer to this seemingly simple qn about the bracket indicated on the Eyelet Lace chart. alexaludeman My pattern says start at stitch 1 on chart and work to stitch 68 and then work at 20-70. Carrollton, TX 75007 9:50 am. Love your patterns. read instructions symbol . I have had no difficulties until I got to chart 3. I had intended to attach a list of what I thought were the different symbols used, but I look at row 5 and now I'm not even sure where one symbol starts and another ends. Alexa Ludeman It is also to separate it out from any repeated instructions. The triangle with the point at the bottom is a M1 purl. Jen I am working on knitbots Sycamore Vest. Emily Wessel 7:11 pm. Due to the overwhelming presence of malware on Russian websites these days, I do not visit sites hosted there anymore, and am not disposed to assisting the IP thieves by making aftermarket lists of the symbols used. The pattern is Drops Enchanted evening dress . my chart looks like this: then an arrow pointing rt and another pointing left in the same square the l l. Can you help? Thank you in advance for your help! Then we pick the yarn that is conveniently sitting on our left index finger right next to the stitch we want to knit. Im not sure how you can believe there is any different rules for a right v. left handed knitter. But something has to be done. Hi Zuzana It depends if you are working any of the stitches backwards (eg, your purls are knits and your knits are purls) and if you are working in the round. Thank you so much I would really appreciate your help. Are there any stitches outside the 25 stitch repeat? 2:46 pm, But looking at the picture of the dress, it appears as if the pattern doesnt movebut I will try it At worst, I will need to tear out a few rows. Search for: Recent Posts. Hello! Hi Roberta No stitch just means you can skip right over that box in the chart. 1:08 pm. If you prefer to learn from a video tutorial, click here to watch all steps described below in a video. If I continue on with k or p in empty squares, I am now 1 st off every time there is a slash (k2tog). Kate Scott Shirleen Alexa Ludeman If working a colour chart for fairisle do you just look at the chart and then write it out so it is easy to follow? Getting a bit frustrated. I have a question about reading knit charts for hats. 5:15 am. Stitch. It is not marked as stitches, there are no written instructions. But Im having fun none the less. February 15, 2018 @ Hi Claire I think its just your calculations that are off. 11:38 am. The blue repeat section has me stumped. Zuzana 8:33 pm. If anyone is familiar with it I would really appreciate your help! Rosina Alaimo, Sarah Im attempting to knit my first hat and the instructions make no sense. alexaludeman November 21, 2021 @ Denise Hope im making sense :D, Emily Wessel 11:44 am. 2:08 pm. December 15, 2016 @ wrong side. See more ideas about knitting terms, knitting, knitting techniques. 1:09 pm. Hi Johanna Im sorry, the Arcadia poncho isnt one of ours so Im not really sure? January 29, 2019 @ (And Rows 2 and 3 are 2 knit/purl stitches.) 10:17 am, Can you be more specific about your question? I started doing this because I had (dimly) remembered some Russian language stitch dictionary pages that offered up a slightly different collection of texture patterns from those that commonly seen in English language books. alexaludeman Thank God I found this blog. September 28, 2015 @ January 26, 2017 @ They are usually inserted to clarify the motif, or because there are decreases etc. Here are a few of the ones I liked best. She seems to have a number of different translations on her site. June 8, 2015 @ Work the next stitch, then knit or purl the stitch on your cable needle. Can you please help me to decipher this chart? April 29, 2017 @ Its been driving me crazy for weeks now. Three dot chevron colorwork knitting pattern; February 2, 2015 @ Just skip over them, Cynthia Baldwin 11:52 am. It is in Russian, but if you slow down the video you can see step-by-step how this is done. Gina. Charts also illustrate how a lace, colourwork, or cable pattern will look once it is knit up, and this means that when you use charts, it is easier to see where you are in a pattern, and identify errors early. The text is in Russian but the illustrations are helpful in deciphering certain symbols! If 1, 3, and 5 are on the RS for the chart I think they should be for you as well. 4:03 pm, I am trying to convert a cross stitch, to a knit pattern and convert DMC THREAD TO YARN TO KNIT A WOLF ON THE BACK OF A SWEATER. Hi Debbie -maybe, its hard to say without looking at the pattern. What am i doing wrong? B. Beltane Stitch. Knitting Chart Symbols. k I, p 2, cable with next 6 stitches and k 3, p2 k1 =15 but it doesnt look correct. November 8, 2015 @ There are also ways to colour or highlight digitally, if youre not able to print. Id say that if only a single chart is given, then flipping the chart to make the opposite hand (ie. December 19, 2021 @ So its not that you skip stitches, its simply that youll skip over that square in the chart, and go on to the instruction shown on the next square, and use that instruction to work the next stitch that you have on your needles. Hi Alice Im not really sure without looking at the actual pattern, sorry! Beautifuldreamer Would I knit chart b with the 6 stitch repeat for the 23 rows then do chart a after. Im very much looking forward to your reply as I would love to get started on this blanket pretty soon. Should I just switch the numbers on the pattern with 1,3,5 being on the left and 2, 4, 6 on the right? alexaludeman For the most part they look to be easily interpreted even if one doesnt read Russian. 1:57 pm, Hi Im working from a chart for the first time. alexaludeman 3:58 pm. Im knitting the lines mittens and the first row chart B says M main color, knit one main color, then M main color..so is the whole row done without using the contrast color? Heres one for a lace doily. July 3, 2016 @ You work two yarn-overs in a row by simply wrapping the yarn TWICE around the needle, rather than just once as you would for a regular yarn-over. Im confused! How do I work these 11 st? January 28, 2015 @ October 30, 2015 @ alexaludeman U must be a YO (perhaps U with the 2 in it is a double yarn over), and downward facing Vs are decreases (numbers in the arms of the V indicate the number of stitches to be decreased). November 6, 2014 @ 9:15 am, Sorry Viv, I really dont have any idea what that one ismaybe try contacting the designer? October 12, 2014 @ 6:48 pm. I have this horse hat knitting pattern. You have 19 sts in the letters of your name, you will need a few sts in between, say 3 giving you 25 total charted sts. It seems like you would need a certain number of sts before and after the chart to make it fit? On the back you would work left, center, right. March 18, 2020 @ March 22, 2016 @ It would make learning this stitch pattern very easy if a person had written instructions that included what the symbols mean, stitch count, cast on in front of them. August 1, 2019 @ April 30, 2015 @ November 15, 2018 @ Hopefully the chart notes will give you some clues? I am new to charts in knitting but I am trying to knit a lace shawl from a chart. Am I missing something here?. There are written directions for the first 10 rows and a chart for the next ten rows. 10:23 am. Hi Kathryn for your size you would [k3, m1, k3, m1, k3, m1, k3, m1, k3, m1, k4, m1, k4, m1] around. Walker: no stitch. the symbols used. The text is in Russian but the illustrations are helpful in deciphering certain symbols! Does that mean I place the marker and knit the stitch or the square is just place the marker and do what it says for the next stitch it shows for the next stitch???? This symbol is shown on just one square of the grid but affect 3 stitches in total. Suzanne Poorman Landis Row 3 blocks November 10, 2021 @ 7:17 am, Thank you for this tutorial on reading charts, it has been very helpful! Hi Rita You want to work the sts as you come to them in the chart and in your knitting, so if the chart has a knit box then a k2tog box, you want to knit the first stitch, then work the k2tog combining the next 2 sts. November 27, 2018 @ June 12, 2016 @ February 10, 2021 @ Thank you to Sharon, Ella, Dianne and Crafty Beats. Its a Norwegian pattern and this centering this is different than Fair Isle (or so I have read). Id check the pattern abbreviations or the chart key / notes. knit the yarnover with the following stitch to avoid a hole at the turn. January 28, 2022 @ When knitting in the round charts are always read from right to left. Nancy Ellis Im not a newby, but I am confused. Beginner Knitting Patterns. 5:10 am. May 8, 2020 @ Hi Oana Im sorry, I really couldnt say, perhaps contact the designer? I'm a native Russian speaker but haven't worked with Russian patterns. 10:34 am. November 27, 2018 @ October 12, 2014 @ When I found an image that was interesting, I clicked through to the parent page and followed some of the in-page links there. I am starting the lace yoke pattern for the pippa dress. If you would like to attempt to translate knitting patterns for your own use, try these helpful online resources: Rs is the right side, meaning the front of the project. STEP 1. Thanks, alexaludeman An easy knitting pattern over a four row repeat. Then last section of stitches. In the English-speaking world, they are often called "wedding ring shawls" because, although the shawls are quite large, a shawl knit in the . National Currency: Russian Rouble. Illustrated explanation of Russian knitting symbols. I dont understand how they are suppose to go together. First row. I still struggle but am trying to work through this mental block I have with carts, Beth Looking over the lace chart for the doily above, I suspect that straight vertical lines are knits, the little arrows facing left are knit through the back of the loop (ktbl). 12:02 pm. January 28, 2019 @ 10:40 am. How do I knit the even rows? Any help/guidance would be appreciated. Im working on the LINES mittens pattern and have figured out the charts, except the thumb gusset. Thank you! I am wondering if I should also k2tog, yo, at the end of row 1, or do the reverse in order to have a symmetrical lace pattern. Above that, the next row has 7 chains only. I have found others. Emily Wessel alexaludeman I am knitting the Compass pullover and working in chart B. I have not got the gist of the increase rows 4/11/22. Thanks for this tutorial. alexaludeman alexaludeman March 24, 2016 @ 1:39 am. Is the side of the work specified or are there any chart notes? The chart shown for a stitch/pattern called Triangle rib on the Freeknittingpatterns.com does not show even rows/ws rows and there is no instructions for ws rows in the key except for this: l knitwise in odd rows, purlwise in even rows; = purlwise in odd rows, knitwise in even rows. Rosina Alaimo alexaludeman Hi Judy If the pattern calls for multiples of 16 + 47 it seems like there will be 47 edge sts, so you would want to stop working the 16 st repeat 47 sts before the end of the row, then work the edge sts. Working my way through them! Symbol. Thank you, alexaludeman My question is do I just read every row of chart from right to left from then on? How do I purl on right side and knit on wrong side? I think I need some help with these There is no need to move the right needle by over a hundred degrees to get into a stitch from left to right. So just as you did the first time you worked chart B rows 1-24, youll keep the centreline in place. Below are two versions of cable symbols and definitions commonly used in the industry. This tutorial is heaven sent! I am knitting a lace sweater, Jody Long Lena Bolero. The chart has dark colored lines for each size, 2 lines each. If a chart of 20 stitches asks that I purl 2 stitches together, twice, on the return row (row 2), do I have 18 stitches and adjust the chart accordingly? The crochet notation looks a bit more standard. Yep, on the RS you would work right side chart, then the middle chart, then the left chart. Required fields are marked *, Leaf lace stitch openwork. Can you tell me what this means? nancee It would depend if it was a symmetrical lace pattern. 3:09 am. ), Gracias, encontr lo que buscaba y muy completo, Dear Knitting-Bee, please can you help me with 2 Russian knitting symbols that I cannot find anywhere? The light went on!!! Id suggest you try knitting it, and just see what happens, then if it doesnt work, email the designer directly. 8:42 pm, Hi Diane Im not sure what you mean by doesnt look correct? 10:08 am, Hi Maddie sorry, without a chart key Im not quite sure what is happening. First off, thank you for such a detailed and wonderful illustration of how to read charts. 10:15 am, What do you do with the symbol that says no stitch? Skip these? alexaludeman Thats for 1 round. Ive read various how to read Japanese knitting charts but I still cannot tell if my patterns pattern stitch chart is showing ALL rows or just RS rows. Charts are hideous things requiring a whole lot of time spent writing them out first. Hi Holly you are always working the next row of the chart, the chart is always read right to left. Can you help clarify? September 5, 2014 @ 12:28 am, Hello Im not sure about that specific pattern, however, when no stitch appears, it literally means that there is no stitch worked in that square, you will simply pass directly to the next stitch on the chart, working it on the next stitch on your needles. December 22, 2014 @ Amen to that! 6:52 pm, Hi, I am hoping you can help me. Emily Wessel April 10, 2017 @ Mar 03, 2023 (The Expresswire) -- "Warp Knitting Machine Market" Size, Scope, and Forecast 2023-2030 report has been added to the Market Research Archive of. What are the green lines for? Am I reading the instruction correctly? Do you want to make learning this stitch pattern easy for people to learn ? I am looking for some help with a fair isle chart. Emily Wessel Ive followed charts before with symbols like this but I'm not confident I'm looking at all of them correctly (although I do understand the symbols for knit and purl). Thanks! That is true, each country seems to have created its own version. Thank you soooo much for this!! Suzanne Why are there blocks missing on the rows prior to rows with increases? Stephanie Begin in the 2nd stitch from the hook > 2 . March 6, 2017 @ Hi, i brought a pattern from iceland back home, in the chart i see a cross line over 2, 3 or 5 stitches ending in a vertical line. See more ideas about knitting patterns, knitting, knitting stitches. Please explain .. on one row there is a yo followed on the next row by a black solid box. February 19, 2018 @ December 11, 2015 @ July 29, 2017 @ Or do I increase elsewhere? 3:19 pm. pjd By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. 7:09 pm. Its a pattern from DROPS design called Little Hedda. My question is on the pattern I am working it is in both written and chart and on the chart Ive come to Work even in pattern as established until piece measures 18 in . I dont know what to do. w&t: wrap and turn. 8:40 pm, Cindy 7:10 am. February 5, 2021 @ Hi. Jane October 6, 2019 @ alexaludeman roberta kane December 20, 2016 @ Rosie I have been knitting for well over 60 years and have never understood lace charts although l can follow written instructions and colour charts. 9:32 am. Because the pattern increases over the 37 rows, it starts with a 13-stitch repeat, and ends with full 28-stitch repeat. Any edge stitches? Thank you so much for your help in translating! Thank you Alexa. So when working a pattern in the round you remain on the right side of the work, so you would consistently read the chart from right to left? This means right side rows correct? Id be really grateful for some help. After casting on for the Back, 83 sts and knitting 4 rows of Twisted k1p1 ribbing I am stuck. To learn more about the Eastern knitting style, its amazing properties and some other unusual traits, consider joining the detailed online course Eastern (Russian) Knitting Simplified. Are there more decreases (k2tog, ssk etc) than increases (yos)? 12:04 pm, Hello this is really helpful but I do have one question: if you are knitting in the round (rather than rows worked back and forth flat) do you work each round in the same direction (ie right to left)? alexaludeman Hi Rosie your pattern should have instructions on the issue. October 30, 2019 @ They are a compact way to illustrate more patterns that would take much more space if described in text instructions. The symbol of Russian-Ukrainian unity appeared to be breaking into two. After the increases, I end up with 308 stitches (which can be divided by the final 28 stitch row). Then native speaker knitters reviewed the terms and provided corrections and additions for their . I.e. 1:36 pm, Hi Cynthia Im not sure what pattern yo uare looking at? Please let me know if your able to help. Hello, I would like to use a knitting pattern found on the knittingkingdom.com website, but I would like help translating some of the Russian knitting symbols. Im not sure what I should doin those squares. July 25, 2016 @ I see the letter M on some of the charts checked the abbreviations but cant find out what it means? Hi Susan Are there perhaps yarn overs or some other increase that compensates for the decrease? Is this correct? Yarn: Size 1: 220250m. 7:06 pm. Since there is just a chart for a right handed mitten, how do I get the left handed mitten with the thumb at the right place. Or you could print the zoomed-in screenshot. row 1: (rs) sl 3 pwise wyb, [p2, k2] 5 times. January 3, 2015 @ alexaludeman 12:36 pm. January 17, 2017 @ Dawn Donaldson November 12, 2019 @ April 25, 2016 @ Have you tried contacting the designer? If you want an 8 dishcloth and you are using worsted weight yarn you will need about 36 sts. So for round 2 is it K1 (main color), K1 (contrast color), K1 (main color) and then on to chart c? Thanks for the advise, Nancy Timm Its pattern page presents some useful visuals, including starting a doily center using the crocheted circle method, blocking hints, and (of course) the chart for the piece itself.
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